PIZZA – Is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a wood fired oven, but you can do so much more…

What can I cook in my Alfresco?

Wood fired ovens were around well before gas or electricity, so what you can cook in them is really only up to your imagination. Our Alfresco ovens have been designed to be used with and without the door to give maximum heat control. Stewing, roasting, baking, frying, smoking, grilling, pizzas, breads and even deserts.

What is the oven made of?

A common misconception is that a wood fired oven should be made of bricks, however solid brick ovens take many hours to reach cooking temperature making them far less time and fuel efficient. All Alfresco ovens feature a one piece dome made from refractory cement and can be cooked in after just 45 minutes.

Will my oven smoke?

Yes, all ovens smoke but it should only last for the first 5 to 7 minutes after you light it, then as the temperature increases and stabilises the smoke will disappear. Your oven will also smoke if you burn green or wet wood, or if you starve it from oxygen.

Inside or Outside…?

Your Alfresco oven can be installed under the cover of your patio or entertaining area (with a flue up through the roof) or out in your yard or garden area. If exposed directly to Mother nature, you need to do a little more maintenance to keep moisture and the sun at bay. This can be as simple as a coat of sealer once per year when needed.

Why an Alfresco Oven?


Alfresco are constantly investing in and looking for new technologies and manufacturing processes to work better and last longer.

Buy Australian Made.

Alfresco ovens are 100 Australian made by the same small family company that has been making them for over 14 years.

They Work!

Alfresco ovens generate even heat throughout the oven, so foods to need to be turned constantly in order to achieve even cooking. The oven door can be completely closed to accurately maintain even heat throughout the entire chamber for extended periods.

DIY Kits or Fully Finished?

Our ovens can be supplied in a DIY Kit form contains all components and materials needed to build your oven – all you have to supply is water. We can also have one of our experienced craftsman build your oven from the ground up including a feature brick base right through to finishing your oven and showing you how to use it.


A full range of accessories for your oven are available including bespoke oven cooking utensils, mobile trolleys, concrete bases, flue lengths and bends, & digital laser thermometers.


Pizza’s2 x 300mm3 x 300mm5-6 x 300mm
Heatings time
30 mins45 mins60 mins
Internal size720 x 910 x 400830 x 1050 x 450110 x 1325 x 470
External size950 x 1050 x 6501100 x 1200 x 7251400 x 1500 x 800
Weight (kg)4506001000
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